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Junior Soccer - Girls 6th - 10th Grade | National Tournaments

Feedback andTestimonials

1)   we were very impressed with the commitment you showed to the squad and have enjoyed
      being part of a winning formula for both 6th and 9th Grades
2)   I really enjoy you coaching me
3)   she is loving it at this stage and really has a passion for the game - great attitude
4)   Tori started soccer unsure of whether she would like it or not. As time past she started to  
      really enjoy it and now she is looking forward to playing again next season.
5)   Big thanks to Selwyn for making her learn in an enjoyable environment
6)   We were very pleased with the efforts made by TKU (Selwyn and Mark).Sam has changed
      hugely over the season and is now very confident to take on any team. THANKS
7)   Thanks Sel for the huge effort in coaching. Hannah is quite ambivolent about most things. I
      have seen a huge increase in her fitness level due to TKU Soccer
8)   Keep it up Sel!! Josie really enjoyed the season and is looking forward to 2007, and even
      though she thinks her soccer is good, she doesn't think she is great yet, but is still improving
9)   Poppy enjoyed the extra coaching input and extra training pre season which set her up well
      for the season proper. It was a long season (too long by probably 3 weeks)
10) Thank you Sel for making Soccer fun for the Girls
11) Charlotte said thank you Selwyn for being a great coach
12) The Season was really good for Yasmeen. She needs to be pushed to do fitness work
      which she needs but she loved the games. Its our first year and the setup has totally
      exceeded my expectations
13) I really enjoyed playing the games at Representative level
14) My daughter enjoyed the tournaments especially the all Girls tournaments. You're a great
      coach Selwyn, says my daughter.
15) My daughter started playing Soccer last year and therefore has had 2 years with Selwyn
      Bradley. She has benefitted greatly from his excellent coaching and his commitment to girls
16) I cannot praise or thank Selwyn enough for what he has given my daughter.He has nutured
      her natural sporting ability and channelled her enthuisiasm for the game.
      She now wants to be a professional soccer playere when she grows up!
17) Absolutely fabulous programme. Helps keep kids focused on team and self
18) Huge increase in Emilys confidence on the soccer field, and off, over this year
19) Lots of fun
20) Emily really loved her team this year, thank you Selwyn and Ian
21) Rachael really enjoyed her sessions on Wednesday as all of her team were involved and  
      Selwyn were involved
22) I really enjoy playing soccer but I also have fun
23) The girls enjoyed the squad / season. Learnt good skills and to play as a team as well
      I improved lots
24) Dear Selwyn and Richard, thank you for coaching me I have improved a lot
25) Selwyns fun and lively Wednesday session
26) I really enjoyed playing soccer this season
27) Having more Dev Squads at more ages is a good idea
28) We found it worked well for our child - the team was competitive and successful. They
     were able to play as well as most of the other teams in the grade,
29) Sam enjoyed playing with the same players on Saturdays and in tournaments
30) All girls - better and good for girls development
31) I really liked the playing structure this year. Great website too
32) Celina still happy - especially being in a A rep team
33) The Girls- only playing structure has been great for Nicoles soccer - she is more confident
      and has become a "team player". Nicole was not going to play soccer this
      year - but changed her mind when she heard she would be in a girls only team. Practices   
      have been fun and lots of effort put in.
34) Better in an all girl team with more ball distribution. I think the team improved a lot through
      the season.
35) she now enjoys her soccer again
36) Had a very positive effect and was great for continuing through into tournaments
37) Worked enabling development of girls - for more skilled girls with different structure for  
38) Girls only teams are a great idea - Caitlyn was lucky enough to be part of the Dev Squad   
      as well, so we saw both parts. The girls structure worked well for the
38) The Girls had a lot of fun, enjoyed the all Girls team atmosphere. They improved
      immensely and all round it was a good season for them and for me (as a
39) Enjoyed the girls only team
40) My daughter enjoyed playing with girls
41) We had great support support from Selwyn. Selwyn particularly has a good approach with  
      a balance between participating and winning
42) Dev Squad - this was brilliant - well organised lots of fun and very good for general fitness  
      and the coaching was superb - always well organised and run efficiently and well,
      thanks Selwyn, Bozzie, Paul and Richard for a great year
43) This was great – congratulations
44) Selwyn was a wonderful coach and did so well with the girls. He is so passionate about
      his cause and the girls flourished under him. He took Caitlyn under his wing and she
      is a soccer fanatic now. She loved being part of the Dev Squad and playing in the   
      tournaments, playing competitively and winning
45) Format successful
46) Dev Squad - great (GIRLS HAVE FUN)!!)
47) The girls had a lot of fun particularly at girls external tournaments
48) The Rep teams were well run and structured. The TKU tournament was a success.
49) Obviously a very successful year for rep girls - great to see
50) Fantastic!!
51) A great, positive, growing experience for Charlotte. Loves the team atmosphere and looks
      forward to both training and games
52) The results prove that the formula at TKU is a success
53) Thanks very much for a great year of soccer - my daughter loves soccer!
54) Our family has enjoyed soccer again this year. Thank you!


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