Junior Soccer

Junior Soccer - Girls 6th - 10th Grade | National Tournaments


The support for the Junior Girls commenced in 2005 with Death by Chocolate and Hawkins Watts and has developed remarkably in 2006. This can be attributed to the culture and environment that has been created along with the involvement of parents and caregivers in their Girls development.
The Sponsors have been truly remarkable and are noted here in alphabetical order.
1. Bone Yard Surf Shop Cool Fashion Gear
Club Lotto Jackets and Roxy Fashion items for
the Tournaments
2. Death by Chocolate Iconic New Zealand Café & Dessert Restaurant Franchise
    Club Lotto Jackets and Training Gear
3. Dempsey and Wood Building Contractors
    Wynton Rufer Soccer Balls
4. Hawkins Watts Food Technologists
    Club Lotto Jackets and the National Tournament
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